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With over 60 years of collective expertise, our trio of senior partners combines operational proficiency, strategic fundraising insight, data-centric growth strategies, strategic growth planning, human-centered product development, and innovative methodologies.

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In addition to founding companies and providing hands-on support to hundreds of start-ups, our team also leverages extensive professional networks. These connections enable us to forge relationships with CEOs, founders, venture capitalists, and leaders across diverse industry verticals.

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Choose Mir Meridian for adaptable solutions, exceptional value, and a partnership that evolves with your business. We thrive on collaborating with founders tackling challenging problems. Get in touch with us and customize a growth plan perfectly aligned with your unique business strategy.

Drawing from our own experiences, we recognize that each company possesses unique needs, growth objectives, and access to capital. Therefore, our flexible pricing structure is meticulously crafted to accommodate your company’s specific requirements. Whether you seek a standard engagement with Mir Meridian or require an extension of a larger project through additional hours, our competitive rates ensure exceptional value without sacrificing quality.

Amplify your accelerator's results with Mir Meridian's customized business traction curriculum. Introducing an exclusive Accelerator Curriculum Concept, meticulously designed to steer portfolio companies through vital stages of business growth. Our six-part webinar series, paired with an immersive hands-on workshop, provides a fusion of theoretical frameworks and practical tools, ensuring your startups not only navigate but flourish in the business landscape.

With Mir Meridian, you're not simply engaging a service provider; you're forging a partnership with a dedicated team invested in your success. Our objective is to offer you the assistance you require, precisely when you need it, and at a price point that aligns with the needs of your business.

We Work with you to understand your business CHALLENGES AND solve them together.
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Having a dynamic pricing strategy that meets your business needs is one of our imperatives


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As the CEO of Qubik, I'm privileged to have experienced the remarkable impact of Mir Meridian. During our time at the Alchemist Accelerator in the summer of 2022, Mir Meridian was instrumental in guiding us through critical aspects of our business. From refining our investor presentations to providing strategic insights on the U.S. market entry, their expertise was invaluable. Ash and John's advice on using business metrics effectively helped us track and achieve our strategic goals efficiently. The guidance on potential joint ventures and M&A options opened new avenues for our growth. What stood out the most was their ability to work closely with my team and me, ensuring we were both ready for the challenges and excelling in our approach. The mentorship from Mir Meridian is a cornerstone in Qubik's journey. I am grateful for their support.

Matias Jalil
CEO and Founder


At Iconekta, we wanted to expand across Latin America with aspirations for the U.S. Mir Meridian fully developed our processes, product lines, and support systems. This streamlined our operations and laid the foundation for growth. Establishing unique KPIs and growth variables was a game-changer. It aligned our expansion goals and positioned us firmly for future capital raising. Their comprehensive strategy for CRM management, client growth, revenue operations, and product development has offered us a clear roadmap in areas crucial for our success. Working alongside the Iconekta leadership team, Mir Meridian is paving the way for our future achievements. The expertise and dedication of the team have been invaluable to Iconekta, and I appreciate their partnership and, moreover, their belief that Iconekta will positively impact the legal industry.

Alonso Indacochea
CEO and Founder


Mir Meridian helped us understand and implement human-centered design and data-driven decision-making, which ramped up the audience experience at Berkeley Repertory Theater. Before working with Mir Meridian, we succeeded in increasing ticket sales and attendance, but Mir Merdian helped us build a robust strategy. All of our data is input into a comprehensive model, allowing us to evaluate audience satisfaction, net promoter scores, client churn, and ticket sales. We are delighted with the in-person innovation session with Mir Meridian. During that collaboration, our teams achieved more than we thought was possible together. Mir Meridian helped us design and test new approaches for audience experience, engagement, and programming. We are grateful to have worked with Mir Meridian and hope we can collaborate again soon.

Voleine Almicar
Director of Marketing

Berkeley Repertory Theater

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Mir Meridian's 0 to 10 framework empowers CEOs with the tools and insights to efficiently navigate each stage of their company's growth journey, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, and communicate effectively with stakeholders, ultimately enhancing their company's success potential.

The article delves into the intersection of venture capital, entrepreneurship, and culture, examining how cultural nuances influence investor-entrepreneur relationships and investment strategies across various countries worldwide.