Our History

Established in 2020, Mir Meridian's DNA is rooted in exceptional companies. We deeply understand the unwavering commitment required to construct a business from its inception. Our partners have collaborated for nearly a decade, cultivating an efficient and seasoned team. With a relentless dedication to innovation and a passion for empowering businesses, we strive to be your trusted partner in achieving your growth goals.

What We Do

We are prepared to dive into the work when you engage our services. We believe that our clients shouldn't have to guide us every step of the way. Instead, we arrive equipped with a playbook, ensuring that everything we develop and propose is immediately actionable. Whether it's your team, ours, or a collaborative effort, we're committed to delivering tangible results efficiently and effectively.

Are We a Fit For You?

Our process remains agnostic, whether your company operates in software or hardware and generates recurring or non-recurring revenue. While the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may vary, the underlying principles remain consistent. We collaborate with tech and non-tech-oriented companies alike. Please feel free to reach out to discover how we can tailor our approach to suit your company's unique needs.

Mir Meridian's strategy aligns sales, marketing, and customer success operations to optimize the revenue cycle. This methodology emphasizes data-driven decision-making and the strategic use of KPIs to monitor and enhance business performance. By implementing a cohesive revenue operations strategy, startups can achieve more predictable growth, increase efficiency, and make informed decisions that propel their business toward success.

Utilizing innovative methodologies, our team integrates operational and financial acumen with data-centric growth insights, strategic growth planning, and human-centered product development. In addition to working hands-on with companies, our team collectively shares the background of the Wharton School. Leveraging our network of accomplished alumni, including CxOs, founders, VCs, and leaders across various industry verticals and technology domains, we amplify our impact and insights for your success.


Our Team

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Our Background

Business Ops Optimization

We've navigated challenges as diverse as eliminating dis-synergies in a $1.8Bn spin-off IPO, international restructuring of a tech startup, corporate inversions and conversions, ownership re-capitalization, independent board member, and interim COO.

Revenue & Growth Operations

We assist companies meet revenue goals and prepare for funding rounds. We've facilitated the progression of a Series A company to Series B by increasing revenue from $2M to $17M in 18 months, and our playbook has a track record of 3x revenue in 12 months.

Experience in Human Centered design

With human-centered design principles to inform our decision-making process, complemented by traditional qualitative and KPI-driven research strategies our product and service recommendations are finely tuned and aligned with your objectives.

Experience Focused on Growing Companies

Whether collaborating with tech startups or small businesses, the Mir Meridian team boasts extensive experience running and advising companies that aim to grow. For example, my track record includes conceptualizing, innovating, and developing new product families, resulting in one client achieving over 15% revenue growth year over year.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

We've grown sales channels from $20M to $150M in three years and have VP sales and business development experience; revenue growth can be challenging.
Sound strategies help us drive substantial growth for companies we've worked for. Our international experience also helps us develop local strategies for a global market.

Emerging & Frontier Tech

Collaborating with various accelerators and angel groups, we've helped research and establish education programs to teach investors about emerging tech. CxOs from various public companies attended our talks. We've also talked to founders and VCs in clean tech, energy tech, climate tech, and biomaterials.

Portfolio of Work

Case Studies

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